Journal of Data Science



Volume 2023


A Study on Multiple Load Conditions Analysis for a Conventional Bicycle vs. a Variable-Chain Stay-Length (VCL) Bicycle De1
Meor Rashydan Abdullah, Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma’arof, Winson Wong Zu Xian, Suresh Akshith, Girma Tadesse Chala


A Study on Extraction Pipe Insulation for Solidification Prevention of Heavy Crude Oil after Extraction
Arwinder Singh Jigiri Singh, Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma’arof, Suresh Akshith, Jeyagopi Raman, Girma Tadesse Chala


Finite Element Analysis of a Wheel Assembly for a Pipeline Corrosion Inspection Robot
Mohd Amir Shazwan Hashim, Shawkat Ali Allybocus, Lim Khai Hen, Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma’arof, Intan Syaqirah Mohd Zulkifli, Girma Tadesse Chala


Roll-Cage’s Hollow-Tubing Specification Assessment for an Off-Road Buggy
Mohd Amir Shazwan Hashim, Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma’arof, Nur Qistina Binti Jamaludin, Lim Khai Hen, Nurzaki Ikhsan, Girma Tadesse Chala


Exhaust Manifold Assessment for Backpressure Minimization
Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma’arof, Asmar Ahmed Rana, Lim Khai Hen, Jeyagopi Raman, Rishan Murali, Girma Tadesse Chala


Study on Blast Proof Composite Plate Structures
Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Abdolreza Toudehdehghan


Transfer of Technology for Tactical Floating Bridge Local Fabrication
Mohamad Fariz Mohamed Nasir, Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Rahim, Muhammad Fathi bin Yusof, Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma’arof, Girma Tadesse Chala


Convective Heat Transfer in Heat Exchanger Using Nanofluids - A Review
D. Madhesh, V.Leelavinodhan, P.Ramanathan, A.R.Sivaram


Bibliometric Analysis of Biochar's Use in Surface Water Treatment
Laili Fitria, Rizqy Fachria, Wisnu Prayogo, I Wayan Koko Suryawan, Gerry Andhikaputra, Dion Awfa, Rifka Noor Azizah



Volume 2022


Improving the Internal Combustion Engine Performance as a Driven Pump with a Modified Cooling System
E S Arbintarso, Muchlis, Miftahussalam, S S Rahayu


Design Metal Detecting Arduino Remote Control Robot Vehicle Controlled via Bluetooth
R. Jeyagopi, C.K. Chan, M.I.N Ma’arof


Development of a Self-Contained Power Management System
R. Jeyagopi, C.K. Chan, M.I.N Ma’arof


Addition of Sm0.2Ce0.8O1.9 Carbonate into Perovskite Cathode Materials for Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel cell: Short Review
Tan Kang Huai, Hamimah Binti Abd.Rahman, Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof


Removal of Heavy Metals Ions from Aqueous Solution using Different Pretreatment Techniques of Corn Cob
Wen-Pei Low, Ee Yern Lee, Fung-Lung Chang, Nurharniza Abdul Rahman


The Performance of Accident Severity Multiclass Classification
Sudesh Nair Baskara, Haryati Yaacob, Sitti Asmah Hassan, Mohd Rosli Hainin


Investigation on the Causes of Falling From Height and Fall Protection System at Sabah
Sharma Aldo Thirunavukarasu, Kumarason Rasiah, Sudesh Nair Baskara, Kishan Gunesegeran


Analysis of the Acoustic Tile Shapes Effectiveness towards Noise Absorption
Abdolreza Toudehdehghan, Chandramohan A/L Munion


A Brief Review of the Industrial Manipulators in Product-line
Abdolreza Toudehdehghan, Ebadullah Wardak


Students’ Perception on the Application of Gamification in Education during Covid-19 Pandemic
Noorhidayah Sunarti, Nik Fatma Arisya Nik Yahya, Bernard Lew Chun Liang, Mazura Mahdzir


CNC Cutting Tools` Life Prediction Using Data Mining Approach
Chan Choon Kit, Marven Wong Zhen Siang


A Simulation Study of Magnesium Alloy AZ31B Behavior in High-Velocity Impact and Ballistic Limit
Mohamad Fariz Mohamed Nasir, Mohamad Faizal Bin Abdullah, Muhammad Naim Rabbani Kamarulzaman, Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma’arof, Girma Tadesse Chala


Effect of Pot Size in Soil Heat Transfer
Mohamad Fariz Mohamed Nasir, Hii Tuong Sing, Abdul Rahim Mat Sarip, Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma’arof, Girma Tadesse Chala


Design of DC Electric Screw Jack Telescopic Push Rod Operated Scissor Lift
Ong See Khin, Liew Han Wei


The Simulation and Analysis of Erosion Corrosion of CO2 Pipelines - A Review
Yuli Panca Asmara, Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof


WEAP Analysis of Water Supply and Demand in Langat Catchment of Malaysia
Khan M.M.H, Kundai T.C.


An investigation of Aerodynamic Improvement on Truck's Forebody
Lim Jin Wei, Yap Di Sheng, Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Timur Izmailov, Girma Tadesse Chala


Flexural Strength Performance of Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Beam With Bottom Ash as Fine Aggregate Replacement
Nurharniza Abdul Rahman, Kathy Chua, Kishan Gunesegeran, Lee Hoong Pin, Low Wen Pei


A Study on Separation Efficiency of Multiphase Desander
Arwinder Singh Jigiri Singh, Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, Kavenraj Rajendran, Girma Tadesse Chala


A Study on Multiple Load Conditions Analysis for a Bicycle Chassis
Choo Wou Onn, Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma’arof, Winson Wong Zu Xian, Lim Khai Hen, Girma Tadesse Chala


Assessment of FSAE Car's Rear Suspension Arms for Bump Force
Muhammad Izzat Nor Ma'arof, G.K.H.Tan, K.H.Lim, G.T.Chala


Mechanical Properties of Recycled High-Density Polyethylene, Rice Husk Ash, and Fly Ash Composite Mixture
Omair Bin Nasir, Intan Syaqirah Mohd Zulkifli


Study of Green Energy Production in INTI’s 3 kJ Plasma Focus Device
Arwinder Singh, Pavandeep Kaur, Jeya Gopi Raman, Teh Thiam Oun, Saw Sor Heoh and Lee Sing


Case Study of Polymer Concrete Composite for Pre-cast Product Application
Nor Shaufina Md Jaafar, Omezza Nur Aishah Omar and Muhamad Soffi Manda



Volume 2021


Dense Plasma focus experimentation in the “COVID-19” environment
Arwinder Singh, Teh Thiam Oun, Saw Sor Heoh, Lee Sing


Effect of anode distance on built-up edge in textured tools produced by plasma focus
T.O. Teh, A. Singh, B.K. Heng, J.W. Wong, S.H. Saw, S. Lee