Journal of Data Science


Plagiarism is an act of duplicating or taking other authors’ work, which has been produced and published before, and claiming to be one’s own work. Plagiarism is considered unethical and should be avoided at all costs.

The Journal takes plagiarism as a serious violation of publication ethics. We reject any type of plagiarism, in any part of the paper published in our journal. Therefore, all the corresponding authors should make sure the papers submitted is free from plagiarism elements. Submission of a report from a plagiarism checking tool is highly recommended upon submission of the paper.

A non-plagiarism declaration is obligated upon the submission of the final draft. If a paper submitted was found to be plagiarised, it will be rejected by the Editorial Team of the Journal. Even after publication, if there are any disputes on plagiarism or elements of plagiarism are discovered, the paper concerned shall be removed without prior notification to the authors.