Journal of Data Science



Volume 2023


The Role of Bank BRI's BRILink Digital Services to MSME Business Development in Palembang Using the UTAUT Approach
Agus Wiranto, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Misinem


Features Selection in the Proposed Draft Sheet C1 for General Elections in Indonesia
Erin Efriansyah, Tri Basuki Kurniawan Kurniawan, Edi Surya Negara, Muhamad Akbar


Analysis of Feature Selection Methods for Sentiment Analysis Concerning Covid-19 Vaccination Issues
Muhammad Fajar, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Edi Surya Negara Harahap


Rainfall Prediction in Palembang City Using the GRU and LSTM Methods
Surta Wijaya, Tri Basuki Kurniawan Kurniawan, Edi Surya Negara, Yesi Novaria Kunang


Multi-Label Text Classification for Indonesian Language IT Journal with K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN)
Redho Aidil Iqrom, Tri Basuki Kurniawan


Analysis of WLAN Network Quality Improvement at Bank Mandiri Palembang Sudirman Area using Per Connection Queue Method
Misinem, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Nurul Adha Oktarini S.,Siti Nurdiana


Analysis of Wireless Network Quality Using Quality of Service Method (Case Study: BAPEDA of South of Sumatera Province)
Misinem, Gerry Praja Mukti


Sentiment Analysis of Omicron COVID-19 Variant using Naïve Bayes Classifier and RapidMiner
Dayu Wijaya, Leon A.Abdillah


Temporal Impacts of Health Information Technology on Hospitals’ Financial Performance
Sahir Shah, Durga Prasad Somarouthu, Ano Bhattacherjee


Waste Prediction in Gross Pollutant Trap Using Machine Learning Approach
Elpina Sari, Tri Basuki Kurniawan


Utilizing Classifier Algorithms to Analyze Lending Activity at The Sumsel Babel Bank's Pagar Alam Branch
Muhammad Ichsan, Tri Basuki Kurniawan


Genetic Algorithm for Forecasting Bioinformatic Outcomes of Mutation-induced Cowpeas for Sustainable Development
Kehinde Okewu, Emmanuel Okewu, Wong Ling Shing, Siti Sarah Maidin


Genetic Mutation of Cowpea as a Constrained Stochastic Optimization Problem in Sustainability
Emmanuel Okewu, Kehinde Okewu, Siti Sarah Maidin, Wong Ling Shing


Application of Decision Trees in Athlete Selection: A Cart Algorithm Approach
Riska Wahyu Romadhonia, A'yunin Sofro, Danang Ariyanto, Dimas Avian Maulana and Junaidi Budi Prihanto



Volume 2022


Data Analysis and Rating Prediction on Google Play Store Using Data-Mining Techniques
Kayalvily Tabianan, Denis Arputharaj, Mohd Norshahriel Bin Abd Rani, Sarasvathi Nagalingham


Uncovering Relationship between Sleep Disorder and Lifestyle using Predictive Analytics
Sham Fang Ying, Harprith Kaur, Deshinta Arrova Dewi, Chong Fong Kim


A Review on the Attainment of Outcome-Based Education Using Educational Data Mining
Yogeswari Suppiah, Rajermani Thinakaran


Forecasting Using K-means Clustering and RNN Methods with PCA Feature Selection
Ferna Marestiani and Sugiyarto Surono


Movie Recommendation System Based on Sentiment Analysis on Movie Reviews
Astried, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Mohd Zaki Zakaria, Misinem and Mohamed Fakhrul Faris bin Mohamed Fuad


Twitter Sentiment Analysis on Automotive Companies
Mohd Zaki Zakaria, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Misinem and Azizah Binti Soh


Systematic Literature Review: Work Engagement Program to Improve Millennial Employee Performance
Tedi Setiawan, Agus Rahayu, Lili Adi Wibowo, Erwin Yulianto


Implementation of Good Corporate Governance in Creating Bank Performance Sustainability Using Partial Least Square Method
Agus Supriyatna, Moch Dudih Sugiharto, Erwin Yulianto, Neneng Hayati


Total Distance Vertex Irregularity Strength of Hairy Cycle C_m^n Graph
Ida Wijayanti, Dian Eka Wijayanti, Sugiyarto Surono


KLCC Tourism Chatbox based on Chatterbot and FlowXO Frameworks
Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Mohd Zaki Zakaria, Misinem, Ainaa Izzati Binti Mohd Nasarudin


Sentiment Analysis on Users' Satisfaction for Mobile Banking Apps in Malaysia
Misinem, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Mohd Zaki Zakaria, Muhammad Aqil Azfar Bin Uzailee


Sentiment Analysis on Natural Skincare Products
Fadly, Dewi Marlina, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Mohd Zaki Zakaria, Siti Farahnasihah binti Abdullah


Validation of Vote Counting Supervision Based on Vote Tally at West Bangka District
Ekariva Annas Asmara, Mochammad Afiffudin, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Edi Suryanegara


Utilizing Support Vector Machines to Recognize Pattern Numbers on Sheet C1 Ballots
David Agustian, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Misinem, Edi Surya Negara, Yesi Novaria Kunang


Development of Website Service Governance at the Muhammadiyah University Palembang Using the ITIL V3 Method
Kemas Muhammad Wahyu Hidayat, Widya Cholil, Tri Basuki Kurniawan


Analysis of Information Security Resource Requirements in Local Governments
Toto Suharto, Aisyah Nuraeni, Awan Setiawan


Classification of MTI Student Thesis Documents at Bina Darma University Palembang Using Naïve Bayes
Dhea Noranita Putri, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Edi Surya Negara, Yesi Novaria Kunang, Misinem Misinem


Palembang Aerodrome Weather Forecast for Palembang Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport
Isti Ma'atun Nasichah, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Misinem


Sheet C1 Pattern Number Recognition Using Artificial Immune System Optimization
Yuniarti Denita Sari, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Edi Surya Negara1, Tata Sutabri


Route Optimization based on Clustering and Travelling Salesman Problem
Khadijah Thahira, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Edi Surya Negara, Ahmad Haidar Mirza, Misinem


Load Optimization with Shortest Distance Approach
Yusria Lenitasari, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Edi Surya Negara, Tata Sutrabri, Misinem



Volume 2021


Utilize Medical Text Data to Estimate Disease Types by Using Naïve Bayes and ANN Classifier
Mujiono Sadikin, DeshintaArrova Dewi, Purwanto S Katijan, Ibrohim Thohari


Breast Cancer Prediction Model Using Machine Learning
Muhammad Amin Bakri, Inna Ekawati


Data Analysis of Covid-19 Pandemic in Malaysia and Singapore
Nelson Tang Kwong Kin, Chong Jiet Vun, Baek Dae Hui, Wong Jeng Yang, Dini Handayani


A Review on Detection of COVID-19 Cases from Medical Images Using Machine Learning-Based Approach
Noof Al-dieef, Shabana Habib