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Generation Of Q-Switched And Mode-Locked Pulses With Eu2O3 Saturable Absorber
Zulkipli N.F., Jafry A.A.A., Apsari R., Samsamnun F.S.M., Batumalay M., Khudus M.I.M.A., Arof H., Harun S.W.
Optics and Laser Technology [Click here to view the article]


Q-Switching Pulses Generation With Samarium Oxide Film Saturable Absorber
Zulkipli N.F., Batumalay M., Samsamnun F.S.M., Mahyuddin M.B.H., Izam T.F.T.M.N., Khudus M.I.M.A., Harun S.W.
Microwave and Optical Technology Letters [Click here to view the article]


The State Of The Art And Taxonomy Of Big Data Analytics: View From New Big Data Framework
Mohamed A., Najafabadi M.K., Wah Y.B., Zaman E.A.K., Maskat R.
Artificial Intelligence Review [Click here to view the article]


Architecture Based On Tor Network For Securing The Communication Of Northbound Interface In SDN
Ahmed O., Mohd Yusof M.H.
Compusoft [Click here to view the article]


Recognizing User Activity Using a Smartphone's Accelerometer and Deep Neural Network Classifier
Pranata S., Mantoro T., Ayu M.A., Prabuwon A.S., Dewi D.A.
6th International Conference on Computing, Engineering, and Design, ICCED 2020 [Click here to view the article]


Internet of Things (IoT) Based Smart Shop (S-SHOP) System with RFID Technique
Abdullah S., Daud A., Mohamad Hadis N.S., Hamid S.A., Fadhlullah S.Y., Damanhuri N.S.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series [Click here to view the article]