Journal of Data Science


Thank you for selecting JoBSS as your research output. Please peruse the following guidelines carefully when preparing your submission.

1. Who owns the JoBSS?
JoBSS is wholly owned and managed by INTI International University in Malaysia. INTI International University is highly ranked in QS World Ranking and an accredited private university offering various courses in undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

2. Does JoBSS charge any publication fees?
JoBSS is a journal managed and sponsored by INTI International University as a platform for disseminating knowledge that leads to positive societal impact. As such we do not charge any publication fees for now. But this policy may change in future and in the event so, it will be publicly announced in advance.

3. What is the scope of publication at JoBSS?
JoBSS is a multi-disciplinary journal that publishes topics on social science. However, to ensure that JoBSS is contemporary and contributes positively to society, we welcome works on CSR, ethics, and SDG related principles. JoBSS accepts works that are contemporary and addresses the issues that society is facing. We encourage authors to debate, discuss and present new ideas to tackle growing social woes and spark public interests on solving pressing issues humanity is facing. However, JoBSS is less keen to publish direct causal research and bite size discussions that are unrelated to SDG or business ethics, CSR or those that do not show any positive social impact.

4. What is the review process?
JoBSS implements a sequential review process of (1) a desk review and (2) a double-blind review. The desk review is important to preliminarily screen the articles to be within the scope and agenda of the journal. Once the ME or AME are satisfied that the work is within the scope of the Journal, the paper will then be escalated for a double-blind review. For a more detailed understanding on the review process, please peruse the website of the journal for more information.

5. How long does it take to publish works at JoBSS?
It will take approximately 3 months to publish a paper at JoBSS. However, this is largely dependent on the quickness of authors’ response, the reviewers’ availability, and other extenuating circumstances.

6. Where is JoBSS indexed?
Currently JoBSS is indexed at Google Scholar and My Jurnal (Malaysia).

7. What publication policies and code of ethics do JoBSS adhere to?
JoBSS strives to be a journal of integrity, honest and transparent. JoBSS strives to abide by those established international principles and policies on publication. JoBSS has at various segments of its website referred to and cited those policies that govern its operation. You may peruse them in detail on the website of our journal.