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Inaugurating Social Entrepreneurs is a book that delves into the captivating world of social entrepreneurship, exploring its diverse facets and showcasing the inspiring journeys of individuals and organizations dedicated to creating a positive impact in their communities. From the intersection of social business and social media to the transformative power of digital innovation, this book sheds light on the influence and impact that social entrepreneurs have in our rapidly evolving world.

Social enterprises are viewed as the foundation of socio-economic welfare and justice for creating equilibrium in society by engaging all the stakeholders for the development of human and social capital. The philosophy of Social Entrepreneurship (SE) is to take individuals or groups taking action to create social value along with economic value. Social entrepreneurship creates transformation in society by intervening and supporting in the action which leads to solving social issues, they create value by making meaningful collections and utilization of resources for solving unaddressed needs of marginalized people with help of stakeholders and locales. SEs are a broad combination of business, charity, and social movements that re-imagine solutions to a wide range of challenges and offer new social values in the name of social change. Hybrid business models that combine economic and social values are common in social initiatives. Social entrepreneurship is a catalyst for significant social change that is fast evolving into a new field of study and practice. To date, the number of books on social entrepreneurship has been restricted to think tank assessments, policy publications, and practitioner guides addressing specific challenges. In the last two decades, social companies have grown significantly.

Inaugurating Social Entrepreneurs
by Dr Nisha Pandey (GIDR) & UmiKalsom Kassim (IIU)